Study Visa

Fulfil your dreams of studying abroad

Any potential student wishing to pursue higher education abroad must obtain a student visa from that country. A student visa is a special approval added to a government passport issued to students enrolled in qualified educational institutions.

Student visas are nonimmigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship. Student visas are called by different names in different countries of destination, for example, in the UK a student visa is called a level 4 (general student) visa, while in the US the student visa is called an F-1 visa. As the leading student visa and education abroad consultants in Hyderabad, we help you obtain student visas for the following destination countries.

The deadlines for each take are generally a few months before the start date. It is strongly recommended that you apply early to maximize your chances of admission. Some universities even offer sliding admissions, meaning that admissions are open all year round. The main entry for the United States is the fall promotion which offers the highest degree of competition, but also includes the highest number of internships.

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