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Philippines It is the third largest English speaking country in the world with a multicultural learning atmosphere. It is influenced by the Hispanic civilization, so there is some interesting architecture and pristine beaches to visit. The economy is rooted in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and overseas remittances which result in lucrative employment opportunities.

Manila is the capital and main city, also known as Metro Manila. The Philippines provides knowledge resources, affordable tuition, and ranks well in education with a literacy rate of 93.9%. Participants around the world can choose from hundreds of courses offered in the Philippines.

UK, USA, Australia and Canada and other countries which are a famous destination for international students as well as the Philippines cannot be ignored in the list. The Philippines has one of the most potential education systems in Asia. It is one of the places to study completely in English, at affordable prices with quality. The education system is so fantastic that the Philippines has sent hundreds of doctors and engineers to work in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, etc. with other professionals. Over 5,000 foreign students study in the Philippines.

It is home to a number of ISO certified universities and 275 higher education institutions identified as centers of excellence and centers of development. There are also several international schools in the Philippines that offer American, British, German, Chinese, French and Japanese educational programs. It has a safe and favorable environment to study and live where the degrees acquired have worldwide recognition.

MBBS in the Philippines

For a long time, people knew about Soviet Russia and China only for the provision of a good system of affordable medical education. However, the Philippines is also emerging as one of the best places to provide high quality medical education, along with degrees awarded by universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Students graduate. of Doctor of Medicine (MD) equivalent to that. of the MBBS from any university in the US or UK The five-year professional course allows students to learn both the practical side of medicine as well as the theoretical side of it, the preparing for the licensing exam for doctors nationwide.


The biggest advantage of medical courses in the Philippines is their cheap rates compared to the same degrees in other countries like Ukraine, Russia, etc. The average total tuition fee for medical courses in the Philippines is between $ 28,000 and $ 30,000.

No language barrier

English and Filipino are the two main languages ​​spoken in the Philippines and in urban areas, it is the first that is widely used. All educational institutions, especially medical schools, provide instruction in English. This makes it just as comfortable for someone arriving from the UK as it is for someone arriving from India.

Placement Opportunities And Affiliations

The degrees offered by medical schools in the Philippines are recognized by international bodies such as WHO, ECFMG, United States and IMED, making it a profitable and interesting business for students. The country's medical institutions are among the top 200 institutes in all of Asia and have the most friendly and helpful staff and the latest technology required for medical education. The educational system and model followed at these universities is based on the American model of education, thus ensuring an advanced and scientific path as well.

Those interested in pursuing graduate studies in medical sciences can also get easy opportunities to study elsewhere, such as UK, Canada, US and others, after completing their studies in the Philippines. After completing their medical course here, students can also apply for medical license exams, work as interns, or start practicing in the country itself. They can also return to their own country and start practicing as MBBS graduates or pursue higher education.

Life in the Philippines

The Philippines is a rapidly developing and globalized country where everyone can easily find their place. The climate is tropical and the beaches are the most attractive places for vacationing. There is a widespread presence of international brands and one can find everything one needs in most areas, especially in urban conglomerates such as Metro Manila or even smaller places like Cebu. Cities and towns are equipped with all the latest in transportation, leisure and luxury amenities, healthcare and more. A short distance away, natural places offer serene beauty to sore eyes during weekends and longer vacations.

List Of Philippines Universities

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